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Post  Aidsboat Nation on Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:57 am

Braiiiiins Without Borders

MAINTAINS that you can never be to careful when it comes to zombies.

RECOGNIZES that the only good shot is a head shot.

PROPOSES that an international coalition strike-force be assembled whose sole mission is to keep the island of Lycentia free of Zombie Infestation.

AUTHORIZES that the task force should be trained in the most efficient and up to date hand to hand and Long-range combat methods in dealing with the undead menace, including, but not limited to, a curriculum based on the Zombie Survival Guide and the Zombie war verbal history World War Z by leading Zombie Research Expert Max Brooks.

NOTES that this only applies to the island-continent of Lycentia and that any other separate landmass is encouraged, but under this document not legally obligated to, for a similar group.

DECREES that the strike-force is to enter a nation only if one or more of these conditions are met:
a) The Free Society Congress has given a simple majority approval to enter a nation with a still-
functioning government, and that government consents.
b) The Free Society Congress has given a 2/3rds approval to enter a nation with a still-functioning
government that resists aid.
c) The Free Society Congress deems the area to be infested to the point of making the nations
government non-functioning or illegitimate, to be determined by a simple majority vote.

FURTHER PROPOSES that this task force be given free reign to act without orders and cross international borders if Congress is unable to meet, or unable to reach a definite conclusion in a timely manner, with a full investigation into the squad’s activities to follow.

REAFFIRMS that clause b) exists to ensure that selfish or stubborn nations do not cause other nations to be in danger because of their unwise actions, and that clause c) exists to ensure that in the event that some group utilizes a zombie outbreak to their advantage to take control of a country’s government, they will not stand in the way of controlling the crisis.

REQUESTS that any evidence uncovered by the strike-force involving illegal biological or nuclear weapons, or any evidence of experimentation employing the undead or the zombie-causing virus Solanum, be considered lawfully discovered, with the squad enjoying full warrant, search and seizure powers so that such evidence may be used in an international court to bring those that would endanger their neighbors in such a way to justice.

So, this is my first piece of proposed legislation, and quite a necessary one if you ask me.

My faithful public, is this something you can get behind?
Voice your opinions below.

Fellow Congressmen, what do you think? Anything Need Amending? Yay or Nay?
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Post  Lower Land on Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:57 pm

Final Vote:

Yae: 1
Nay: 2

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