"Proposal Submitting Process" Bill

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"Proposal Submitting Process" Bill Empty "Proposal Submitting Process" Bill

Post  Rat Racecar on Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:58 am

Proposal submitting process
Drafted by batiska
Amended by Aidsboat

1- All members of Free society can formulate a proposal.
2- suggested proposals must be stored by their author into an appropriate and dedicated section of the forum.
3- All members can add comments to the suggested proposals.
4- all members can endorsed a suggested proposal.
5- President, Vice-President and Head of the Concgress have the authority to submit suggested proposal to the Congress.
6- Endorsements
a) a suggested proposal doesn't need any endorsement to be selected by President, Vice-President or Head of Congress.
b) a suggested proposal who gets endorsements from 20% of members of Free Society must be submitted to the Congress, as soon as possible, respecting point 7.
7- Excluding Constitution, never more than 2 proposals will be debated at the same time by the Congress.
8- A vote must be done within 7 days after the proposal is submitted to the Congress.
9- If, for any reason, a the result of a vote is 50%-50%, the Vice-President will add his vote.
10- When a proposal is submitted to the Congress, the submitter will add the number of members at this time and indicate how many members represents 20% of all the region.
11- During the debate, any members can participate and providing point of view, suggestion, etc.
12- During the debate, any members can request clearly a referendum in the section of debates.
13- If the numbers of members requesting a referendum equals or become greather than the 20% calculated at the beginning, a referendum must be run.
14- Members have 7 days after the proposal was submitted to required a referendum, no matter if the vote is or is not already done by the Congress.
15- President is in charge to proceed to the referendum

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"Proposal Submitting Process" Bill Empty Re: "Proposal Submitting Process" Bill

Post  Lower Land on Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:57 pm

Final Vote:

Yae: 3
Nay: 0

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