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Alliances and Partnerships

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Alliances and Partnerships Empty Alliances and Partnerships

Post  Meadowdale Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:56 pm

In this thread, declare alliances and/or partnerships with your fellow nations. The distinction between the two should be noted. Alliances are strictly military, whereas partnerships describe just about everything else. There are, however, variations in both.

Alliances are generally placed into one of two categories. They can be defensive, where the participating nations are only required to come to the aid of other nations in the alliance when they are attacked. Or they can be all-encompassing, where nations will both go to war with their allies when they initiate the conflict or are victims of it. Of course, each agreement can fluctuate as those bound by it see fit.

Partnerships can include just about everything else. Trade agreements (to be discussed with the Minister of Commerce first), the sharing of technologies, open border agreements, etc. They basically involve anything that two or more nations would like to participate in together.


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