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The Positions in Free Society

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The Positions in Free Society Empty The Positions in Free Society

Post  Lower Land Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:53 pm

The President:
The President oversees the region. He enforces the laws created by Congress. He submits legislation for Congress to vote on. He, along with the Vice President, appoints the Head of Congress. The President also has the right to make Executive Orders. The Executive Orders are orders made by the President that go directly into law.

The Vice President:
The Vice Presdient helps the President with any and everything. He discusses with the President when he needs adivice with the region. The Vice President can also submit legislation to Congress.

Congress votes on legislation that will become law. The Congress is headed by the Head of Congress... Hints the name head... Congressmen are elected to serve the public and have an obligation to do so. If a member misses more than two votes in a session of Congress, then he/she shall be kicked out of office and a replacement shall be appointed to complete the remainder of said Congressmen's term. The Congressmen shall also be barred from ever running for a seat in Congress ever again.

Head of Congress:
The Head of Congress oversees each session of Congress. He has the ability to submit legislation to the rest of Congress. The Head of Congress appoints the Deputy Head of Congress. The Head of Congress is not exculed from the missed vote rule.

Deputy Head of Congress:
Appointed by the Head of Congress, he will take over if the Head of Congress steps down, either from being HoC or from Congress alltogether or is kicked out of office

Minister of Cultural Development:
The Minister of Cultural Development deals with the culture of Free Society. He oversees the creation and maintaining of the Free Society Archives.

Minister of Defense:
The Minister of Defense oversee that the region remains safe for all of its nation.

Minister of Diplomatic Affairs:
The Minister of Diplomatic Affiars oversees any and everything diplomatic. He manages recruitment and talk with other regions.

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