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The Empire of Lowerland

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The Empire of Lowerland Empty The Empire of Lowerland

Post  Gramstandard Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:18 am

Free Society, a region as declared at its foundation, as a nation founded on the principles of freedom for all those who seek it. Now however, the region faces a crisis, as dozens of nations must prepare for extradition, for breaking a law in the pursuit of their own personal peace.

Shortly after his election, newly elected President Fonzierelli had this to say, concerning immigration.

FZI: My first Executive order is to have everyone in our nation in the forums. I will be lenient at first. I am allotting those not in the forum one whole week after they join to register. If they do not register they will be jettisoned from the region.

GSD: Why? Why should they register if they aren't going to be active. Those who want to become active, register in the forum. those that don't, don't.

FZI: "This makes sense but what I'm trying to do is get them to be active. Like I said during campaigning, I just want them to see what it's like and if they don't like it they can stop.

Forced assimilation. Is this the way to deal with the immigration "problem," as indicated by the new administration's continuation of aggressive policy? No. This administration fails to deal with issues on a more reasonable level.

Instead of banning members who don't register on the forum, ban the ones who don't endorse you. Every few months, they have to endorse a new set of nations in power. It encourages political involvement on NS, where it actually matters as far as World Assembly goes. Competition my friends, keep up.
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